When the LCS App launches, you’ll land on a custom control panel in Operating mode. The first time you use LCS App, you’ll need to create that custom control panel using the EDIT Screen. Then return to the OPERATING Screen and run your layout.

To learn to switch from one Custom Control Panel to another, click here.
To learn to pan and zoom within a single Custom Control Panel, click here.

Elements of the Operating Screen are shown below:

OPERATING Screen main callouts

Roster, Edit, WiFi

At the top right of the operating screen, you’ll see the buttons shown above. ROSTER and EDIT buttons switch you from OPERATING to those two respective screens. The third button shows your WiFi status and is especially important. The WiFi button glows green when connected to the LCS WiFi module on your layout. A broken red “link” icon indicates your iPad is not connected to the required LCS WiFi module.

WIth a “red” link, you can still create and edit custom control panels, but you won’t be able to control your layout. Click here for help connecting to LCS WiFi.

Finally, the “i” button opens this help window. You can navigate the help system using the content outline on the column to the left. A “back” button also appears when you jump directly to a new help screen. Exit help at any time by again tapping the “Done” button.

Use the navigation column to the left, or click one of the help topics below to learn more about using LCS App to operate your layout.
Switch/Turnout Operation
Uncoupling Track Operation
Block Power Operation
Accessory Operation
Locomotive Operation