Classic Trains Vol. 2 2006
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Pages 1 Welcome from Jerry Calabrese

Dear Friends,

This catalog is especially gratifying to me because it marks the official introduction of TMCCII.  Since I joined the company more than a year and a half ago, there has been much talk and anticipation surrounding the release of Lionel's revolutionary new operating system. And now, I'm happy to say, we can put all the speculation to rest.  The system, as described on pages 164-167, is truly a giant step forward for our hobby.  It's brilliant in its ease and simplicity of use: the brightly-lit touch screen keypad allows you to control all elements of your layout with a mere touch of the screen.  At the same time, the system allows you to do more with your layouts than ever before.  Each train will truly function like its "real-life" counterpart. The harder your train works, the more you'll hear, see and feel the effort!  And as promised, it's totally compatible with our original TMCC – when it comes to the Lionel operating system, there is "no train left behind." I hope you'll agree with me that Neil Young and Lou Kovach's team, along with the Lionel engineers, have delivered a remarkable new operating system that will be the gold standard for years to come.

What's more, as you'll see when you look through this catalog, we're not only introducing the new TMCCII operating system, we're also giving you two spectacular new items to use with it.  This season, we're offering the most spectacular Big Boy engine we've ever made.  The detailing is exquisite, and it comes in three popular road numbers: 1941 version #4014, 1944 versions #4023 and #4023. This is without a doubt the definitive Big Boy, and one no Lionel collector will want to miss out on.

In addition to the Big Boy, Lionel is proud to introduce our very first subway product.  To kick off our subway line, we've chosen the R-27, a train that stopped right in front of the original Lionel offices on Madison Avenue, only a couple of blocks from our new office in New York City.  It's beautifully detailed, and it comes with authentic lighting details, opening doors, and real-life subway sounds – many of the features that made last year's Acela such a big step forward .  (A two-car add-on pack is also available.) Again, we hope you'll agree that these subway cars raise the bar in the category and offer subway collectors and operators the product they've been waiting for.

The other piece of big news in this catalog is the incorporation of K-Line into our own product line.  Many of you have followed the K-Line situation with keen interest, and we hope that this catalog will clarify our intention to continue making and selling a healthy selection of popular K-Line products.  With the help and support of some of the key folks from K-Line, our offerings cover a number of categories — everything from track to locomotives to accessories.  We promise that the incorporation of K-Line into the Lionel product line will help strengthen our hobby and will not decrease your purchasing options, still providing quality product at every price point.

Obviously, there's a lot to digest here, but I want to make sure these headline initiatives don't take attention away from the rest of our offerings. There are plenty of other great items we don't want you to miss.  We've got the C&O George Washington Locomotive and Heavyweight cars, an elegant passenger train from the 1930's headed by an F-19 steam locomotive. There's a Postwar Celebration Series Great Northern EP-5 set – a real classic.  And we're introducing two new boxcar series: one featuring classic Lionel catalog art and railroad advertising; the other being the first in our ongoing series of "College" cars.  The initial offering includes the University of Michigan, Penn State, University of Alabama, University of Illinois, and University of Oklahoma.

As always, I want to thank you for your continuing interest and support.  Rest assured, all of us at Lionel are working hard to strengthen our hobby and to provide our customers with the products and features they will enjoy for years to come.

Best wishes,

Jerry Calabrese
President and CEO
Lionel Electric Trains