Lionel 2007 Train Catalog Volume 2
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Pages 220 - 223 O-27 and O Gauge Track System

Lionel O-27 And O Gauge track


Lionel O gauge track systems — which include O, O-27, and FastTrack — all measure
1 1/4" between the outer rails. Any O gauge car or locomotive can ride on Lionel O gauge track, as long as the curve track used on your layout can accommodate your particular cars.

O-27 Gauge Track:
This track comes in 27" diameter curves, so you can do more in a tighter space.

0 Gauge Track:
Compared to O-27 track, the rails are slightly taller. O gauge track doesn't come in 27" diameter curves, but it does come in variety of larger curves for the biggest layouts.

NOTE: Larger locomotives and cars will not negotiate tighter curves. Check the "Minimum Curve" in each item's catalog listing.

See page 214.

Looking for Ideas?
Since Lionel offers such a wide variety of track shapes and sizes, there is almost no limit to the layout you can design and build. If you'd like some suggestions, you can pick up a Lionel Track Pack — it includes all the track you need to make our most popular layouts.

Lionel Track Pack

High Conductivity Rails:
Lionel track is designed for maximum conductivity, making it easy to set up, minimizing problems, and maximizing the effectiveness of Lionel Magne-Traction — our exclusive traction and adherence system. Track that is not made by Lionel may consist of materials that are significantly less conductive.

Rail Shape:
Your train wheels take a lot of wear and tear rolling over metal rails. Lionel track rails are shaped to minimize this wear. Other track systems may cause your wheels to wear out faster.