Union Pacific TMCC Veranda Turbine #73

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Lights Operating Smoke Unit Odyssey System TrainMaster Command Control RailSounds ElectroCouplers

---After a series of experiments with diesel-turbine power, the Union Pacific Railroad enthusiastically ordered 15 new “Veranda” engines from General Electric, boasting 4,500 h.p. and over 83 feet of length.
---These new locomotives had one peculiar feature that would set them apart from the cab unit-type locomotives they resembled: exterior walkways ran from the cab to the rear of these units. People began to refer to them as “Verandas” because of this porch-like feature, but don’t let the peaceful name give you the wrong idea—these massive locomotives were all about high fuel consumption, high horsepower and high noise levels. The Verandas burned staggering amounts of fuel in order to force compressed air through the turbine blades, and these powerful machines produced incredibly loud roars as the hot turbine exhaust escaped.
---Complete with a die-cast auxiliary tender, the Lionel Veranda features powerful motors and is equipped with TrainMaster Command Control, the Odyssey System and RailSounds. This model is rich in details, from the metal handrails to the cab interior. Smoke and operating headlights bring this locomotive to life. You gotta get this tremendous turbine!

  • Control
  • Trainmaster Command Control
  • Odyssey System for Speed Control
  • Couplers
  • Electrocouplers
  • Frame
  • Stamped Metal Frame
  • Lighting
  • Headlights
  • Miscellaneous
  • Smoke Unit
  • Motor
  • Dual precision can motors with momentum flywheels
  • Sounds
  • RailSounds
  • Traction
  • Traction Tires
  • Trucks
  • Die-cast Metal Trucks

Road Number: 73

Gauge: Standard O Scale

Dimensions: Length 30"

RailLine: Union Pacific

Minimum Curve: O-72

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Classic Trains Vol. 2 2001


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