ZW Controller with two 135 watt PowerHouse

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There’s only one ZW! No single product has come to symbolize the legend of Lionel more than the Lionel ZW. Molded to original dimensions in classic phenolic resin, the ZW can run up to four trains at the same time on different layouts, plus accessories. The two Engineer-type handles provide independent control of two variable voltage circuits, each with built-in whistle, direction, and bell/horn controls. Two additional accessory voltage circuits can be set by means of dial type controls to any desired voltage. Or if you prefer, you can control all four outputs with a single handle!

Produced to current UL® standards, the ZW controller can be powered by any combination of one to four 135-watt or 190-watt Lionel PowerHouse transformers. And if you use the Lionel Command Control system, you can adjust each output using your walk-around remote control up to the level pre-set by its corresponding ZW handle. (It’s a great way to help less-experienced railroaders keep your trains under control while enjoying the thrill of independent remote-controlled operation.)

Offered here with two 135 watt or two 190 watt PowerHouse transformers, these ZW packages provide the power and control you dream of for your vintage or state-of-the-art Lionel locomotives and accessories.

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