Santa Fe "Map and Slogan" Steel-sided Refrigerator Car 5-Pack

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Beginning in 1940, the Santa Fe Railroad initiated a new series of promotional decoration on their fleet of steel-sided refrigerator cars. One of five ATSF passenger line slogans – Grand Canyon Line, Scout, El Capitan, Super Chief, and Chief – was featured on a single side of each car. On the opposite side of each reefer, a large Santa Fe system map was boldly applied.

In the first few years, a curved map design was utilized, but it was soon modified to a straight-lined map version that was much easier for railroaders to stencil. Implemented until 1947, the short- lived ATSF slogan series was a common site on Santa Fe freight lines, and rates today as one of the most notable schemes in freight car history.

  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
  • Hidden uncoupling tabs
  • Separately applied metal underframe details
  • Opening roof hatches with props
  • Opening hinged-style doors

Gauge: Standard O Scale

Dimensions: Length: 11 ½”

RailLine: Santa Fe

Minimum Curve: O-31

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