City Traction Operating Trolley Barn

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A Home for All Trolleys
If your trolley runs SuperStreets, install a Barricade at the end of any straight roadway section inside the Trolley Barn. The Trolley will enter, hit the barricade and reverse direction.  You can use another barricade at the other end of your trolley line for continuous trolley operation.
And it works just as well if your trolley runs on FasTrack or tubular track by merely adding a transition piece and a section or two of SuperStreets. Use the same configuration to exit the other end or add a barricade to reverse direction.

  • Opening Doors at Both Ends
  • Interior StreamLighting®

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Dimensions: Base Approximately 14" x 5.75"

RailLine: City Traction

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