Peanuts® Halloween 2-4-2 Steam LionChief Remote Control Set

6-30214 | Price: $319.99

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Lights Operating Smoke Unit RailSounds FasTrack LionChief Remote Control

The Peanuts gang is back for some Halloween adventures! Set includes a convenient wallpack power supply and remote.

• Train set, track, and wall-pack power supply included
• Ready-to-run out of the box!
Easy-to-use power and control system
• Basic wall-pack power supply
• Terminal track section with a jack for connecting the wall pack
• Kid-friendly hand-held remote

Run more than one locomotive on the same track!
• Distinct frequencies available for different LionChief locomotives allow for multiple remote engines to run at the same time
• LionChief locomotives can also run on any track powered by a conventional transformer at a constant 18 volts
• LionChief locomotives can operate at the same time as any Legacy or TMCC-controlled engine on the same 18 volt-powered layout and track


  • Set Includes:
  • 6-18789 2-4-2 Locomotive and tender
  • 6-37080 Two-dome Tankcar
  • 6-39374 Boxcar
  • 6-25926 Caboose
  • Eight curved O-36 FasTrack sections, one 10" straight FasTrack section, one FasTrack wall-pack terminal section
  • Wall-pack power supply
  • LionChief remote for locomotive
  • Locomotive Features:
  • Electric locomotive controlled by remote
  • Chuffing sounds in sync with speed of locomotive
  • Clanging bell and whistle sounds
  • Special Halloween sounds
  • RailSounds RC sound system with steam chuffing and background sounds, whistle and bell
  • Operating headlight
  • Puffing smoke unit
  • Operating coupler on rear of tender
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Traction tire
  • Die-cast metal locomotive body
  • Recommended 10-car limit for 2-4-2 remote engines
  • Rolling Stock Features:
  • Operating couplers
  • Opening doors on boxcar
  • Remote Features:
  • Forward and reverse speed control knob
  • Three buttons for whistle sound, bell, and special freight crew announcements
  • Requires three AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Dimensions: Set Length: 43” / Layout: 40” x 50”

Minimum Curve: O-27

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