New York City Transit Authority R16 Subway Set

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Motion in operating cars and accessories Lights Legacy RailSounds Lionel LEGACY Control System Odyssey System II

R16 Class scale subway - now available in the well-recognized silver and blue paint scheme.

Beginning around 1970 MTA began the transition to this new and vibrant color scheme, a repainting operation which lasted into the mid-1970s.

In 1954, the very first R16 subway car was put on special display at a commemoration of the IRT’s 50th anniversary. 200 total steel cars were soon to follow, most of which were assigned initially to the BMT Eastern Division. Unique in design, the R16 Class subway cars were fitted with distinctive circular end windows, an interesting feature originally seen on R15 IRT cars and retrofitted onto R11s. Later in their career, R16s were moved to a wide variety of other lines, and they serviced New York City’s subways faithfully until the replacement of the cars was complete in 1986. Today, one R16 subway car is preserved at the New York Transit Museum.

Featuring the LEGACY Control System, Lionel R16 subway cars have opening doors and authentic subway sounds.

Listen for the operator announcing true-to-life stops along the route. They also feature a wealth of realistic detail, decoration, and lighting features both inside the cars and out. Add the additional two-pack to the powered R16 set to complete this scale subway package.


“MTA” and associated terms and images are trademarks of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

  • Set Includes
  • One powered unit
  • Three non-powered subway cars
  • All Cars Feature
  • LEGACY Control System equipped – able to run in LEGACY Control mode, in Command Control mode, or in Conventional mode with standard transformer
  • LEGACY RailSounds sound system featuring:
    -CrewTalk dialog and TowerCom announcements
    -Sounds and effects digitally recorded from actual subway
    -LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Horn" control with instant response for realistic signature "quilling"
  • Odyssey II Speed Control with On/Off switch
  • Passenger car doors open by CAB remote control
  • Authentically detailed interiors
  • Directional lighting including prototypical marker lights
  • Lighted destination and route boards on front and sides
  • Dual powerful maintenance-free motors with
  • momentum flywheels
  • Die-cast metal trucks

Gauge: Standard O Scale

Dimensions: Set Length: 60”

RailLine: NYC Transit

Minimum Curve: O-36

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