Rail Yard Accessory Bundle

6-37141 | Price: $276.99

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Motion in operating cars and accessories Lights

Five Rail Yard-Themed Accessories for a Lionel Modular FasTrack Railroad section or your home layout


6-37977 Tank Car Accident
6-37958 Southern Pacific Scrapyard
6-14241 Work Crew People Pack
6-14071 Yard Lights 3-Pack
6-37914 Work House

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  • 6-37977 Tank Car Accident
  • Flickering LEDs simulate welder's torches
  • Railroad worker figures
  • Includes scale 8,000-gallon tank car permanently attached to the base
  • Die-cast sprung metal trucks on tank car
  • 6-37958 Southern Pacific Scrapyard
  • Four animations
  • Seven hand-painted figures
  • Flickering LED simulates a welder's torch
  • 6-14241 Work Crew People Pack
  • Five hand-painted pewter figures
  • 6-14071 Yard Lights 3-Pack
  • Die-cast metal light housing
  • Metal center post
  • 6-37914 Work House
  • Illumination in interior and exterior
  • Simulated window glass

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

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