Operating Lighthouse

6-37910 | Price: $179.99

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Motion in operating cars and accessories Lights Sounds

The Lionel Lighthouse stands tall as a beacon of light for all of your harbor traffic, keeping them safe from harm. This beautiful operating accessory guides the heavily loaded ships through treacherous waters, warning them to steer clear of the shoals and one another as they deliver the vital ore and coal to your waiting trains.

  • Rotating beacon
  • Illuminated buildings
  • Realistic waterfront related sounds with volume control
  • Foghorn sound is activated with the press of a button (included)
  • Colorful figure
  • Detailed lifeboat

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Dimensions: Dimensions: 7 ½” x 11” x 13 ¼”

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Lionel Signature Edition Volume One 2010


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