Conventional Classic Budd RDC 2-Pack (Conv. LOCO #400)

6-38313 | Price: $349.99

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Lights Sounds Magne-Traction

Besides the cars in the No. 2276W set, only these two other Budd cars were offered by Lionel in the Postwar era. This 2-pack includes the rare non-powered No. 2550 mail and baggage car and the No. 400 powered passenger car. These cars have the same features found on the non-powered and powered cars in the No. 2276W set, including silhouettes and interior illumination. The powered #400 Budd car is equipped with a Pullman motor, MagneTraction, electronic horn, and electronic e-unit.

  • Separate-Sale 2-pack includes:
  • No. 2550 non-powered mail and baggage car
  • No. 400 powered passenger car
  • Features:
  • Powerful headlights and marker lights on both ends
  • Pullmor motor
  • True-tone electric horn with volume control
  • Die-cast metal trucks
  • Knuckle couplers on both ends
  • Detailed overhead vents and louvers

Road Number: 400

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

RailLine: Baltimore & Ohio

Minimum Curve: O-31

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