LCS Serial Converter 2 (SER2)

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Lionel LEGACY Control System

Add more functionality with Optional Add-on Component of the Layout Control System.

In tech-speak, the LCS SER2 is a bidirectional bridge between the high speed serial LCS system (115 kbaud, packetized data interface)and lower-speed serial devices (9600 baud serial).

In plain-speak, SER2 lets you connect older Lionel/IC Controls products such as the TPC300, TPC400, ASC or BPC to a new LCS installation. Note that the SER2 cannot be used to run the Lionel Legacy System Utility software. However, LSU version 1.1 will work wirelessly, connecting through the LCS WiFi module.

  • For full functionality, LCS equipment will be connected to the DB9 serial port on your command base. If you currently have TPCs or other devices hooked up to that port, you must remove that cable to make way for the LCS Power Supply and DB9 cable. Adding the SER2 gives you a new DB9 port to reconnect your old devices. SER2 also boosts the available serial data drive current, so you can connect all your wired serial devices without the need for a separate serial booster.
  • The SER2 will pass through commands from Lionel CAB remotes and/or the LCS App+LCS WiFi. It is connected to the LCS system using an LCS PDI cable. This cable carries commands as well as power for the SER2's control electronics.
  • You can connect multiple SER2 modules if desired; each adds an extra DB9 serial input/output connector to your LCS system.
  • One 6-81499 LCS Power Supply and DB9 cable is required per LCS installation.
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