Pennsylvania Scale GLA 50-ton Twin Hopper 3-Pack

6-81858 | Price: $219.99

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PRR GLA Hoppers
The Pennsylvania Railroad built more than 30,000 GLA hoppers between 1904 and 1911. Similar cars were rostered by several other roads as well with thousands of cars still in service as late as the 1960s.

  • All New Tooling!
  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers with hidden uncoupling tabs
  • Durable plastic body with die-cast frame
  • Scale dimensions and a high level of detail replicating the prototype GLA hopper
  • Removable coal load insert
  • Molded pads for easy conversion to scale couplers
  • Unique road number on each hopper
  • Opening hopper doors

Road Number: 167521, 16756, 167511

Gauge: Standard O Scale

Dimensions: Length 8"

RailLine: Pennsylvania

Minimum Curve: O-31

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