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Lionel Announces the Fourth Joshua Lionel Cowen Locomotive

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August 3, 2004

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Lionel Announces the Fourth Joshua Lionel Cowen Locomotive

The GG1 Electric in Three Versions

(Chesterfield, Mich.,) – Lionel introduces the fourth installment in the Joshua Lionel Cowen Series with the 6-18354 Pennsylvania #4916 (Tuscan), 6-18355 Pennsylvania #4876 (Brunswick Green) and 6-18356 Penn Central #4901 GG1 Electric Locomotives.

The ongoing Joshua Lionel Cowen Series provides painstakingly accurate scale-sized models of historically important railroad prototypes. These models are built to the highest level of detail with groundbreaking features found nowhere else in O gauge.

True to the prototype, the all-new, scale-sized Lionel GG1 was designed from actual Pennsylvania Railroad drawings with paint schemes based on official Pennsylvania and Penn Central painting diagrams. They feature opening roof hatches, side and end doors, as well as many prototypical distinctions between each version, such as the Penn Central #4901 with unique high-mounted Farr air filters. Crew compartments are fully detailed including figures and lighting in the forward cab. The locomotives are constructed with die-cast metal bodies that capture all of the unmistakable curves and contours of the real GG1.

"The first thing you’ll notice about the new GG1 model is its size," said product manager Todd Wagner. "At 20" in length, they’re almost 6" longer than our traditional GG1 that we first produced in 1948. The difference is quite striking."

In addition to TrainMaster® Command Control and the RailSounds® 5.0 sound system, the stand-out features of the new GG1 are the all-new motorized, metal pantographs that deploy and retract automatically according to direction, with RailSounds 5.0 effects that are perfectly synchronized to the operation. For customized control, a TMCC® CAB-1® command can adjust pantograph orientation regardless of direction. Conventional, non-command operators are not left out with roof-mounted switches that can be adjusted for any pantograph configuration.

"The TMCC-controlled pantographs are the icing on the cake for this classic locomotive," said Wagner. "Just like our recent New York Central S-1 Electric, the new GG1 redefines a Lionel icon for future generations of train enthusiasts."


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