Lionel Quality Electric Trains
The Lionelville Contest Winners
We would like personally thank everyone who participated in the Lionelvilleā„¢ Contest, for all of the great entries. Below is the list of the lucky winners, each winner will be awarded ALL nine of the Lionelville houses and each Runner Up winner will be awarded one Lionelville house that corresponds to their entry.

Neil Schoor, Wexford, PA
Amy S. Weber-Martinez, Shelby, NC
M.G. Weber, Boiling Spgs, NC
Lisa Lynn, Hoskins Raleigh, NC
Trevor McDonald, Dekalb, IL
Lloyd Markind, Sellersville, PA
Winter Ann Whitney, Atlanta, GA
Michael Astfalk, Hummelstown, PA
Mary Ann Weber, Shelby, NC
Vernon Lancaster, Warren, MI
James Lisle, Roanoke, VA
John Kleja, Medina, OH
William Weaver, Bloomsburg, PA
Matthew Isoda, Chicago, IL
Loren Gretzinger, Pensacola, PL
Gordon Wilson, Fountain Hills, AZ
Dorothy F. Bresee, Bourbonnais, IL
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