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News For Lionel Railroader Club Members!

Dear Lionel Railroader Club members:


First of all, each of us at Lionel would like to thank our Railroader Club members for the support and loyalty you’ve shown the club over the years.  It’s your enthusiasm and involvement that keeps us striving to offer the best products possible catalog after catalog.


This year, we owe all our members an apology however.  You’ve had far too long a wait for the next issue of Inside Track.  And for that we are extremely sorry.  We know that Inside Track is one of the real benefits of club membership and a way to keep in touch with what’s going on inside the company.  Unfortunately, we’ve been so busy at the company that we’ve let this issue slide longer than we should have.


To rectify the situation and to make sure this doesn’t happen again, we’ve named a new Editor-in-Chief for Inside Track.  His name is Bob Cosgrove and he comes to us with an extensive background in the world of trains.  He has been the Detroit Historical Museum’s Glancy Train Collection Adjunct Curator since 1985.  He is a past president of the Bluewater Michigan Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society as well as having been a past trustee and associate editor of the New York Central System Historical Society.  Bob has also been involved with toy trains since the age of four when his Dad bought him his first Lionel train at Christmas.


Bob’s first issue of Inside Track is in production right now and will be coming out within the next few weeks.  And to make up for the long wait, he’s also promised to produce an extra issue this year. I’m sure that Bob will work hard to make each edition an informative and entertaining reflection of what’s new at Lionel.


I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Bob to the Club and will accept our profound apology for the long delay.  Again, thanks for your continuing support.




Mark Erickson

Lionel Marketing

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