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K-Line Collector Club News from Jerry Calabrese

Dear K-Line Collector Club Members:

I know that there have been a lot of questions about the delivery of the SD70MAC diesel engines that KCC members ordered and paid for before the K-Line bankruptcy.   After about three months of sorting through the information, here and in China, we feel comfortable announcing that we will ship the KCC club orders no later than early January.  In addition to the late start we got in taking over the K-Line assets just over three months ago, there have been scheduling issues with Sanda Kan, where the engines are being made, and we needed to complete a fair amount of engineering work on the project.

More important, because many KCC members are concerned that their orders might not have been properly processed, Lionel will be sending out confirmation letters to the list of customers that we believe have product coming.  These letters will be mailed the week of Monday, August 21.  We have also located and processed the remaining KCC Operating Sawmill, with Log Dump Car accessories there were not delivered prior to K-Line’s bankruptcy, and we will send confirmation notices this coming week for these items, as well, and will begin shipping them in September.

If you do not receive a confirmation letter by September 1, but you believe that you pre paid for the SD70MAC diesel engines engine, and/or the Log Dump and Sawmill accessories, and should be on the KCC customer list, but please get in touch with us at a special e-mail address we have set up just for this problem, Please only contact us at this e-mail address on or after September 1, because the e-mail address will not be activated until then. 

Thanks again for your patience as we try our best to unravel what is, at best, a difficult situation. 


Jerry Calabrese


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