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Lionel Concludes Licensing Agreement with Union Pacific Railroad!

Dear Friends of Lionel:


I’m happy to tell you that, subject to the final approval of the court, Lionel has concluded a licensing agreement with the Union Pacific Railroad to continue using its logos and trademarks on our trains, just as we have over the past century. As most of you know, our negotiations with UP have not been easy and were, at times, contentious.  Having said that, I want to thank the UP management for working with us to successfully address Lionel’s concerns.


As most of you also know from the many conversations we’ve had online, at trade shows and at our dealers, I had three major issues that I felt needed to be solved:  The first was that a UP license not add significant and unpredictable cost to our products; the second was that we would be able to make all of the same kinds of trains, and use the same marks and logos Lionel has made in the past; and most important of all, that Lionel be able to make UP branded products indefinitely. 


I now feel that all of these concerns have been successfully negotiated, allowing us to dedicate less of our resources to legal battles and more of them to our real business, making great model trains.  Finally, I would like to thank all of the clubs, dealers and individuals that have been so supportive during this long and difficult negotiation. 


Best Regards,


Jerry Calabrese


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