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Jerry Calabrese comments on Court of Appeals Decision in the matter of MTH and Lionel!

At a time like this, I could say any number of things.  Obviously, we feel relieved and happy.  Even more important, we’re grateful that the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals clearly saw the real issues of law and evidence and supported our position that a significant injustice had been done by the earlier decision in favor of MTH.  Rather than try to add my own poor remarks on matters of law, I prefer to let the wording of the court’s decision, handed down this morning, speak for itself.


From a personal standpoint, even though the past two years of living under the cloud of this lawsuit has been difficult, it has also been pretty uplifting.  The steady and  inspirational support of our fans and dealers has been a constant reminder of the love and respect that is invested in Lionel.  As the people in charge of this great company, it’s also served as a constant reminder that our first and foremost responsibility is to live up to the Lionel brand and what it means to generations of Americans.  Please be assured that we will.


Finally, thank all of you for your good wishes throughout this very difficult time.


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