Lionel Quality Electric Trains
Sixth Circuit denies the MTH application for a rehearing of appeal

Statement from Jerry Calabrese:


“Yesterday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, in Cincinnati, reaffirmed its earlier decision, in favor of Lionel, to vacate the MTH judgment.  In short, MTH had asked the court to rehear Lionel's successful appeal, and the court rejected its request, effectively putting to bed the lawsuit Lionel lost in 2004, that began this long and costly process.  Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that the legal battles between Lionel and MTH are over.  MTH is free to ask for a new trial, and, while we hope that the mediation process in which we are now engaged will lead to a settlement, we're also prepared to do whatever we need to do to prevail.  Thanks again to all of our fans and supporters for your continued support.”
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