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Jerry Calabrese on Lionel LEGACY Control System Upgrade

In the more than three years since I joined Lionel, nothing has given me more pleasure than hearing early users of Lionel’s new LEGACY Control System talk about how much they like it. LEGACY was the most ambitious technical project that Lionel has undertaken in more than a decade, and I think that most people would agree with my own, admittedly, biased opinion that it has delivered on our promise to create the best operating system available. 


When we first announced the LEGACY development project, I said that Lionel was committed to continuing development of new features, as well as total support for LEGACY users. Part of that commitment to support is our ongoing efforts to identify problems and make the process of fixing them as painless as possible. With the Lionel LEGACY Control System now in wide use, we’ve become aware of a problem that can require periodic reloading of the base Operating System, which resets the user entered information.


After a lot of thought and testing, we understand why the system is having this problem, and we are planning an upgrade that will fix it, free of charge to our customers, which will be available before the end of May. Though our main focus of this upgrade is to resolve the problem, we will also add a few new cool features, derived largely from user feedback.


We ask that LEGACY owners register their systems and place their address on file so that we can send them the free upgrade. An online registration form will be available on April 14 at Or, users may register their system by calling customer service at (586) 949-4100 ext. 9105.


Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for being part of the new Legacy experience. 




Jerry Calabrese

President and CEO

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