Lionel Quality Electric Trains
Statement from Jerry Calabrese to the
Eastern Division TCA York Meet attendees

To be read at the Lionel Presentation
National Toy Train Museum



I want to welcome you to this Spring’s York show and thank both the TCA and the National Toy Train Museum for all the work they put in to host these events each year. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this time around.  I will be there in October, however, at which time I look forward to filling you in on all the exciting developments we have in store for Lionel. 


As you’ve probably read, our legal issues are nearly behind us.  And we’re also poised to emerge from bankruptcy within the next couple of weeks.  With those encumbrances out of the way, I feel confident that we’re heading towards an exciting new era at Lionel.


I’d like to take this time to acknowledge a few of our folks who will be around this weekend. Playing an important part in our plans going forward will be Jon Zahornacky who, as you know, has already been key in the development our Legacy system.  We’ve got big plans for new products and new tech innovations that Jon and his team will be overseeing for us.


I want to welcome Mike Reagan to the Lionel fold as well.  Most of you know Mike already and know what an asset he’ll be in making sure that our service and repair group continues to meet the needs of our customers and set the standard for the industry as a whole.


One other bit of news I would like to share is that Neil Young, Lionel’s chief tech visionary and the inspiration for the new Legacy Control System, will be a continuing part of the post-bankruptcy Lionel.  I know there’s been some speculation about Neil’s role going forward, but rest assured Neil will continue to be an integral part of Lionel’s future. As he has for the better part of the last two decades, Neil will be working with our engineers and product guys to make sure that Lionel continues to honor its pledge to make the best and most affordable model trains in the world. 


Finally, before turning this over to Matt Ashba and J. Don, I also want to thank them, Joe Fea, Tom Nuzzo, our sales team and the rest of the Lionel crew for all their hard work and expertise.


It’s a very exciting time for all of us at Lionel.  And I hope over the next few days you get a sense of the enthusiasm we all feel.  Again, I’m sorry I can’t be there with you, but I look forward to seeing you all next time.

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