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Catalog Sneak Peek! Lionel Conventional Classics!


Dear Friends:


The initial response to my initial announcement about Lionel’s new Postwar Conventional Classics series has been extremely encouraging.  At a time when Lionel has devoted so much energy in developing and perfecting our new LEGACY operating system, it’s important that train enthusiasts who prefer conventional operations understand that we are fully committed to them, as well. 


Since the announcement, we’ve received a lot of questions about the collection.  So I wanted to take this opportunity to fill you in further…and, better yet, to give you a sneak preview of the upcoming Conventional Classic catalog pages:


How authentic will the Conventional Classics items be?

  • All of the pieces in our new series will be made with the same authentic tools that produced our originals. The only exceptions will be those tools that have been repaired or improved over the years.  (In the past, some companies have made knock off copies of Lionel’s original Postwar classics using a process known as “over molding”, in which molds are made from a real Lionel production piece.  Those molds, not machine tools, are then used to stamp out slightly smaller, less detailed copies of the originals, similar to how a copy of a famous painting is made from a photo of that painting, and not from the actual art.)
  • Conventional Classics packaging, graphics, deco, and road names will be true to the original Lionel Postwar style.
  • As faithful as we will be to the original models, the new Conventional Classics series will also make technical and sound quality improvements where doing so does not detract from the aesthetics and integrity of the originals. 
  • Each Conventional Classic set will come with an official Lionel Certificate of Authenticity.

When will the first Conventional Classic items be released?

We are aiming to deliver the first new Conventional Classics pieces late this year, with the rest of them to follow no later than the early summer of 2009.  (And although the series is currently a three-year program, depending on the reaction, it could be extended.)


What will the Conventional Classics offerings cost?

In order to make this line accessible to all Lionel fans, The Conventional Classics line sets will be moderately priced.  MSRPs for the sets are as follows:

  • #1484WS 4-6-4 Passenger Set: $609.99
  • #2124W Lionel GG-1 Passenger Set: $469.99
  • #1562 Burlington GP-7 Passenger Set: $469.99
  • #2219W FM FM Thunderbird Freight Set: $414.99 

And our separate sale items will retail for:

  • GG-1Maroon #2340: $279.99
  • #2331 Virginian FM Diesel: $239.99
  • #2338 Milwaukee GP-7: $219.99
  • #2445 "Elizabeth" Coach: $59.99
  • Sager Place Observation Car: $64.99

And that’s not all!


Lionel is also offering a consumer loyalty bonus certificate of $50 that will be included in all four sets. Customers can apply this certificate towards the purchase of the next Conventional Classics series, to be announced in 2009.


The new Conventional Classics series is Lionel’s way of announcing that we’re committed to maintaining our presence and leadership in all aspects of O Gauge model railroading and, furthermore, that we intend to reward our fans for their continuing support and loyalty.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how we can make the next installments of this exciting new series even better.


Best wishes,


Jerry Calabrese

President and CEO

Lionel Electric Trains


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