Lionel Quality Electric Trains

Reduced Minimum Curve for VISION Line Engines



As we develop our VISION Line engines, we are constantly looking for ways to allow these to run on as many layouts as possible while still maintaining the amazing detail and features of a VISION Line product. With this in mind, we have been able to reduce some of the minimum curves on which these products run. Here is our updated list of minimum curves for these locomotives.


Steam Engines


Pennsylvania CC2s (6-11154) 

Minimum Curve: O-54

Recommended Curve: O-72


Santa Fe 2-10-10-2 (6-11155)

Minimum Curve: O-72


Diesel Engines


Union Pacific Genset Switcher (6-28314) 

Minimum Curve: O-42

Recommended Curve: O-54


GE’s Evolution® Hybrid (6-28306)

Minimum Curve: O-42

Recommended Curve: O-54


We think you will agree that Lionel’s new VISION Line contains the most authentic, technically advanced trains and accessories. VISION Line engines are delivered with remarkable new features as well as unprecedented body detailing and interior cab features. To learn more about our VISION Line, you can view our 2009 Product Highlights Video online.


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