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TrainMaster Command Set Update



Since the release of our 2010 Signature Edition catalog, we’ve gotten questions about our plans for continuing with the original TrainMaster Command Set. These days, it’s a fact of life that when it comes to technology, time never stops. Even the most advanced technology of 2001 simply cannot compare with the gadgets available today that can do things never imagined just a decade ago.

And so it goes with our TrainMaster Command Set. When we introduced it in 1995, the system was revolutionary. It allowed operators to control the trains on their layouts like never before, running multiple trains and accessories at the touch of a button on an easy-to-use hand-held controller. Finally, operators were no longer stuck at a stationary control console.

In 2008, we introduced the LEGACY Control System which, by all accounts, dramatically advanced operator control and realism. The new system is completely intuitive to operate and has a bold read-out that allows you to keep track of what’s on track. Best of all, the new LEGACY Control System was specifically designed to be “backwards compatible”. It operates all of your trains, no matter what era, to their maximum capability. The fact is, the new system gives operators unparalleled, precision-control of both LEGACY-equipped and TMCC-equipped locomotives like never before. You don’t lose a thing with the new LEGACY Control system…and what you gain is incredible:

  • Smoother starting and stopping of Odyssey I equipped locomotives
  • Expanded route, accessory, and lash up addressing
  • Nine user-selected remote frequencies for multi-layout operation
  • Quillable horns and whistles (LEGACY-equipped engines)
  • Expanded TowerCom and CrewTalk (LEGACY-equipped engines)
  • 200 speed step constant speed control (LEGACY-equipped engines)
  • Field upgradeable for future expansion of LEGACY control products and locomotive functionality
  • And that’s only the beginning…

In short, to answer the question about our plans for the TrainMaster Command set, like all iterations of ongoing technology, its time has passed. We will continue to sell the few sets that are left in inventory – and there are probably a number still for sale at retailers around the country. But we have no plans to produce any more. (The fact is many of the components are so out-of-date that producing the set is next to impossible.)

So we thank you for the great reception and continued support our LEGACY Control System has received. We believe it’s an important step forward and one that train hobbyists everywhere will want to experience.  


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