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Lionel Launches Product Navigator

CHESTERFIELD, MI--Lionel has recently launched the Product Navigator, an online database that allows users to locate archived and new product information.

The Product Navigator, at, contains product information from catalogues I and II of 2000. This information is available with just a few clicks of the mouse.

"As each new Lionel catalog is released, the product database will be updated," said Amy Burgdorf, product manager at Lionel. Catalog I of 2001, which was recently released, will be up and running on Product Navigator by spring. "In the future, we would like to add product information from our catalog beginning in 1900."

Using the Quick Find feature, any part of the product name or part number can be entered and a list will appear displaying all products containing those key elements. An advanced search allows the user to enter specific information about the product, such as, category, gauge, catalogue, railroad line, ship year and price. Users can choose from one, some or all of the areas to find the specific products.

The Product Navigator provides a variety of product information. When a user clicks on a specific item, an image appears with a product description detailing features of the selected item. A list of related products will also appear. Select items will have 3D rotational views or true-to-life sound bites. The Product Navigator also lists the catalogue in which the product is found as well as the price.

Each click brings the user closer to the desired product and information. Visit and explore the Product Navigator today.

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