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The Union Pacific Challenger

Chesterfield, MI— With scale detail far surpassing any model train today, Lionel introduces "The Union Pacific Challenger," and brings to the model train industry a locomotive like no other.

In honor of Joshua Lionel Cowen, pioneer of the model train industry, and our 100th Anniversary, Lionel has embarked upon a new era of model railroading. Since the beginning of model trains, Lionel has set the standard and has now raised that level once again.

The Challenger is not just another model train; it is an accomplishment of painstaking attention to detail and features simply unheard of in Joshua Cowen’s day. Designed with the same zeal the rivet-conscious builders of the scale Hudson possessed, this model embodies the spirit with which Joshua Cowen began the Lionel Legend.

Lionel has created two versions of the Challenger, the traditional black Union Pacific Challenger with Coal Tender and the two-tone gray Union Pacific with Oil Tender. Grand efforts have gone into the engineering and design of both models, resulting in a striking display of incomparable detail and accuracy.

Features include patent-pending see-through running boards, a first for die-cast steam locomotives, as well as a flickering firebox, hinged roof vent and illuminated cab complete with life-like curtains. The Challenger also includes the Odyssey TM System for speed control, TrainMasterTM Command Control and RailSounds TM with CrewTalk and TowerCom.

Collectors, hobbyists and operators alike will appreciate the superior workmanship of the limited edition Union Pacific Challenger. It is sure to be the crowning achievement for any model train collection.

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