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Little Lionel Announces Crossing Gate and Arch Bridge

Paired with the relaunch of Little Lionel play sets, Lionel introduces two new accessories, the Arch Bridge and the Crossing Gate, adding more fun to any Little Lionel play set. These colorful and easy-to-build play sets and accessories offer excitement and creativity for all children, aged three and up.

The Arch Bridge and Crossing Gate can easily be constructed from the ground up. Children have the opportunity to build with their hands and feel a sense of accomplishment when they assemble the entire structure themselves.

See-through side supports allow kids to watch passing trains cross over the Arch Bridge on the double-wide track, which can accommodate two Little Lionel trains at the same time.

After the Little Lionel trains travel through the Arch Bridge, children can drive to the Crossing Gate. As trains approach the roadway intersection, children can close the crossing gates to keep cars back while the train goes by.

Children can incorporate their Little Lionel accessories on three exciting layouts. Each one offers a stimulating experience as children set up and create their own world. Kids will love pretending to be the ringmaster of the Traveling Circus Set. Inside the colorful circus tent, lions, bears and elephants show off their tricks on the Animal Stand. Children can lead the fanciful train through the tent as the engine plays real circus music! The Traveling Circus Set is a true value with over 38 pieces and a suggested retail price of $39.95.

The Cityscape Set includes an expanse of skyscrapers and neighborhood brownstones nestled between the city trees and sidewalks. Across the tracks is a green park with a flowing fountain. For a suggested retail price of $29.95, kids can enjoy running their city train.

Playing with the Mining Set, children will feel a rush of excitement as they look for hidden treasures under the rocks. Retailing for a suggested price of $29.95, children will love hauling their treasures away in rugged Little Lionel mining cars to the next Lionel city.

Little Lionel promises both fun and learning and is a great way to introduce children to the fascinating world of Lionel. Call 1-800-4LIONEL for a dealer near you.

Little Lionel is compatible with Brio Wooden Railways.

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