Lionel Quality Electric Trains
Lionel Website Receives Top 5 Ranking

CHESTERFIELD, MI—Lionel is awarded the top five ranking in Model Retailer’s website review of hobby-industry related sites.

Judged on appearance, retailer-specific content and overall content, Lionel came in strong in all three categories. Lionel is claimed to have one of the best sites graphically.

"Lionel is probably state of the art in terms of color graphics. There is a lot more color stuff happening on there," said Nassau Hobby Center’s Hirschberg.

The Lionel website also has a dealer locator and displays the latest catalog so customers can find a dealer near them and both dealer and customer can see what the product looks like before the catalogues arrive in the mail.

"We usually go on to check the status of release dates of stuff that’s new. It’s nice too, because they are posting the pictures up there before we get our catalog, so customers can see what [a new product] looks like," said Hollie Horton, Treasured Toys, Salem, N.H.

Overall, Lionel is considered to be an eye-pleasing and user friendly site with a great navigational system.

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