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Lionel Announces the Acquisition of IC Controls, Inc.

CHESTERFIELD, MI--Lionel is pleased to announce the acquisition of IC Controls, Inc. and the services of Lou Kovach, former President and and owner of IC Controls.

IC Controls was founded in 1996 with the intent to focus on automating model railroading through the use of electronics. Over the past five years, IC Controls has been established as a growing force in the O gauge model railroad command control marketplace. One of the new pioneering products produced by IC Controls is the TPC3000 Platinum, a track power controller that regulates 400 watts of power with smooth, realistic operation and 200 speed steps. It is compatible with Lionel, K-Line, Atlas, Weaver, 3rd Rail, and can access MTH’s new Proto 2.0 advanced features in conventional mode using the Lionel Cab-1 controller.

Lionel is acquiring the TPC Platinum as well as the rest of the product line, all inventory and the services of Lou Kovach and his organization. The IC Controls product line will enhance all Lionel electronics, especially TrainMaster™ Command Control (TMCC). "We are going to bolster the features of TrainMaster Command Control by taking full advantage of the technological advancements and innovative products that IC Controls has developed," John W. Brady, Vice President of Marketing for Lionel, said.

Lionel will also continue to benefit from Mr. Kovach’s railroading and electronic skills, which will ultimately enhance the entire Lionel product line, with Train Master Command control being of the utmost importance. Kovach will be involved as the Electronics Advisor for Lionel product development, from early concept through final production stages.

With Kovach’s expertise and the products from IC Controls, Lionel will be bring the industry the ability for hobbyists to operate all locomotives and accessories from all manufacturers, including Lionel, K-Line and MTH’s Protosounds 2.0, using a single control system. "The purchase of IC Controls, Lou Kovach’s expertise and our recent licensing of QSI patents, are part of a long-range plan to expand the capability of TMCC and further integrate the industry under the TMCC umbrella," Brady said. He added, "We, at Lionel, are convinced that standardization is a necessity in ensuring the future growth and well-being of the O-Gauge segment of the model train industry."

"Bringing IC Controls together with Lionel is a strong market commitment. It will serve to achieve the original goals of IC Controls and allows Lionel to accommodate all of the needs of the marketplace with their TrainMaster Command Control system," Kovach said. "Without a doubt, this shows the true intentions of Lionel to bring quality compatible products to the market, thus carrying on the IC Controls tradition of providing strong customer service and producing products that are trouble free."

Currently, IC Controls will continue to provide customer service to hobbyists who have purchased their products in the past. Ultimately, however, Lionel will assume these responsibilities within the consumer service department in Chesterfield, Michigan


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