Lionel Quality Electric Trains
Girl's Train Set Letter

May 7, 2002


To our Lionel customers who purchased the new Girls Train Set:

We made a big mistake!

The Girls Set was shown in our 2001 Volume 2 catalog and was listed with a Pullmor motor,
Magne-Traction, and other features. As shipped, the set locomotive has a can motor and traction tire, which is identical to the way it was produced the last time the Girls Set was manufactured in 1991.

How did this happen? Our people used some of the copy from the 1991 catalog, and despite several checks and double-checks in the proofing process, it didn’t register with them that the catalog entry didn’t match the eventual production.

What are we going to do about it?

If you cannot live with our mistake, we have arranged with our dealers for you to return the set and get back what you paid. We will reimburse the dealers for shipping charges.

For those of you still interested in keeping the set, we will be producing a special bonus Girls Set stock car that will be available through the dealer from which you purchased your set — our way of saying that we’re sorry for the confusion. These cars will be produced in early fall, and are free of charge to Girls Set owners only.

In either case, you will be required to present your sales receipt from the Value Added Dealer where you purchased your set.

On a positive note, I am pleased to say that there was a considerable effort made to make this edition of the Girls Set the best ever. These improvements over the 1991 edition include a whistling tender, metal door guides on both boxcars, remixed paint colors from original 1957 Lionel archival samples, and completely redrawn lettering with the Postwar product numbers, to more closely mimic the originals. As a result, I think you’ll be proud to display this set in your collection or operate it on your layout.

Will we make mistakes in the future? Probably so. Will we try to fix them as best we can? Yes.

Thank you for the interest in our Girls Train Set, and for your continued support of Lionel.


Bill Bracy                                                                                                                                                                   CEO, Lionel

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