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Welcome to Lionelville

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April 22, 2003


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Welcome to Lionelville

(Chesterfield, Mich.,) – Hearken back to a simpler time when friendly neighbors gathered on the front porch to discuss the day’s events, and kids rode their bike downtown to play in the park or to grab a soda.  The place?  Lionelville, where small-town postwar America is still alive and well. 

“Lionelville, built over the course of the next several years, will transform any layout into a thriving American town,” said Lionel Product Manager, Eric Shreffler.  “Complete with shops, restaurants, houses and industry, as well as some special surprises, Lionelville will combine authentic Americana, clever animations and detailed interiors into a whole lot of fun.”

 The Lionelville series offers a variety of products priced for every budget.  Premier accessories in Lionelville include Harry’s Barber Shop and the Lionelville Bandshell.  From the checkerboard-tiled floor to the ceiling fans and pressed tin ceiling, Harry put a lot of time and effort into making his shop the best in the county!  And, just over the hill, around the river’s bend, nestled in a park on the edge of town, stands the Lionelville Bandshell.

 For more information on Harry’s Barber Shop or the Lionelville Bandshell, Click Here or visit your Lionel Authorized Value Added Dealer Today or check out the Lionel Classic Trains, Volume 1 2003 catalog.

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